Project documents and scanned files in one place

McFile offers a simple wat to digitally organize and manage your documents. With a set of functionalities, including integration with Microsoft Office applications, a powerful search engine and versions control, it helps you to improve business productivity and security.

Scanning documents

Scanning documents is a trend for preservation and business intelligence. Having all your documents scanned speeds up searches and increases the efficiency of the teams.

McFile has a simple system for uploading, publishing and sharing of information in an integrated and independent way.

File Management with Microsoft Office

For those who suffer with countless files and folders in network drives or scattered on company machines and external hard drives, McFile provides a solid and safe solution to manage spreadsheets, documents, videos or other work files.

With total integration with Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) it is possible to save documents directly onto McFile, thus controlling, cataloging and versioning in a practical and fast way.

Main functions

  • Search on indexes and on files content
  • Send files by email directly from the system
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Metadata assignment (e.g. client, matter, type and description) to any file
  • Integrated PDF generation from Microsoft Office documents
  • Audit track all the operations
  • Independent access profiles for each file
  • Version control
  • Change alerts on the documents you follow
  • External access to customers and partners
  • Retention policy for electronic files