Classification plan, inventory and retention policy all integrated in the same platform

Many records are kept for legal or historical reasons. In order to store them in an organized and efficient way, it is necessary to have instruments for inventory purposes and the tracking of folders or boxes in the companies.

Records management

Among thousands of boxes and folders, you need to remain in control of the precise location of each document.

McFile has a complete management solution for records. This includes lending control, temporality charts, bar codes, support for scanning and digital signature. Also included are boxes, folders and document hierarchy.

Main functions

  • Temporality chart
  • Reports generator
  • Registration of any documents' physical support
  • Data migration
  • Full-text search
  • Lending workflow
  • Scanning workflow
  • Check-in and check-out with barcodes
  • Records inventory using portable devices
  • Hierarchical classification plan
  • Security restrictions by company area or position