Cloud storage is more secure than in-house file management

Your files need a safe environment that is professionally managed and a comprehensive security strategy, with constant monitoring and updates. We continuously pursue the goal of making our cloud the safest place a company has to safely store your digital documents.

Datacenter (our cloud servers)

We choose our servers as per the criteria of service, performance and security levels. Thus, we decided to work with the Amazon AWS services, ISO 27001 standard.

Amazon is considered by Gartner the global leader in cloud services and has datacenters in all continents, which ensures consistent performance while accessing your files..

The majority of cloud platforms available on the market work with Amazon. To get an idea of the structure, a 2015 report indicates that the computational power of Amazon is 10 times greater than all the other 14 listed players combined.

Data redundancy

Your files are replicated in real time in several of Amazon’s servers so that they are protected against any malicious action or system crash. Even if a file is deleted on the server, which is not permitted by the McFile interface, you can retrieve it through the applicable tools.

For the permanent deletion of a file, a special approval procedure with double authentication is necessary.


Besides replication done by Amazon we make constant backup copies of McFile’s database and indexes. If some crise happens, all environment can be set to its previous state from, in the worse case, 15 minutes back.

Our disaster recovery tests are open to audit from our customers. In this test, a panic situation is simulated and we restore production data in the hypothetical situation of a service interruption.

Certificated and ISO

Our data providers and servers operate with ISO 27001 quality standards, a standard for ISMS – Information Security Management System. Our employees receive periodic training on security practices and commitment to the data they manage.

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McFile environment is accessed through the user through a HTTPS safe protocol, which has encryption of csafe sockets layer (Thawte SSL CA – G2) and the transportation layer security (TLS 1.2)), which uses AES 128 GCM and ECDHE RSA as a key exchange mechanism.

Additionally, by client demand, files storage on the server can also be encrypted.